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LiteFuze is a leader in supplying specialty equipment for transforming power voltage. They specialize in a new revolutionary converting box, voltage transformers, voltage converters, voltage regulators, travel voltage adapters and universal plug adapters.

LiteFuze’s innovative ideas strive to deliver products that exceed consumer expectations. Distinct from all power voltage converter manufacturers, they use dynamic technology and environmentally conscience ideas to achieve their customer’s requirements. They have created efficient, user friendly, noise friendly and half weight voltage transformers. All of the materials and components used to manufacture and assemble their products are obtained from approved suppliers and exceed the exacting standards of the industry.

LiteFuze provides an exceptional customer service to its clients as they stand behind all of their products. Their goal is to keep their customers for a long term base and ensure complete satisfaction.

This unit has a maximum capacity of 5000 watts. It is designed for heavy duty and continuous working. It has step up and step down facilities and the voltages can be selected from the back panel. The power switch has a bright LED indicator. It is to be used on single phase supplies. It has a weight of 55 pounds. There are output sockets on the front panel including universal, German shucko and USA grounded. The unit is fuse protected and will switch off in overload situations. The LT5000 is a real work horse and a fantastic buy.

1000 Watt Converting box

This is the Litefuze 1000 Watt Converting box which is based on the most up to date converter designs. This unit is both light weight and powerful. It has the facilities to do both step up and step down voltage conversions. It also has a specially designed output socket which will take just about any type of plug from around the world. This means no worry operation where ever you find yourself. In addition to this it has great noise reducing technology which makes this a very quiet unit. The technology used means that the transformer is half the weight of an ordinary power converter. It is fully protected against overload with circuit breakers and is fully grounded through out to give safe working. In addition to this it has a life time warranty.

The LT 3000 is a heavy duty unit with a maximum output of 3000 watts of power. Designed for continuous use it uses and produces single phase electricity. It can convert up and down from and to 110V, 220V, 230V and 240V. Select the input you require on the back panel. It is low weight at only 36lbs and has a size of 11 inch by 9 inch by 8 inch. There are 4 output sockets on the front of the panel and these include universal, USA grounded and German Shucko styles of socket. The unit is protected by fuses and it will instantly cut off the power if any overload is detected.

LiteFuze LT-3000 heavy duty voltage converter

Here we have another great product which will be with you a long, long time with its lifetime warranty. The Litefuze 500 Watt converter box is designed for continuous use and will step up or step down all the usual voltages that you need. This is for use on single phase circuits and is fully protected by fuses. You also get 4 spare fuses and a free Euro plug adapter as well. This unit has an efficiency factor of 1.25 and the special design of the case gives fantastic transformer cooling. There is a special universal output socket which will allow you to use just about any plug from anywhere in the world. It is also CE certified.




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