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110V to 220V Converter is all about bringing you the best in value and performance in 110 to 220 voltage converters. These converters are also called step up converters due to the fact that they increase the voltage sent to the electrical device you want to use. They let you to use foreign products, such as those from Europe, in the USA. To choose a suitable voltage converter you first need to know the type of plug on your device and match it to the socket on the converter. European plugs are different to those found on UK appliances. You then need to know the power used by the appliance or appliances that you want to use. You can find this printed in Watts, either on the back of the device or in the product manual. You should make sure that your converter will give more Watts thnt the things you want to plug into it. If the wattage of the converter is too small you may end up with the converter fuse blowing or the converter overheating. In general you should try to make sure the converter provides twice the power used by your appliances. For televisions the power should be 5 times the wattage of the TV. For heating appliances, laser printers and power tools you need to have a converter that is at least 3 times the devices power needs to cope with the power spike when you first turn it on. All you have to do now is choose a 110V to 220V Converter

The Samsonite 50 Watt converter is a popular low power and low cost 110V to 220V model. It is made for world travel and can be used for appliances under 50 watts, including most travel curling irons, shavers, razors, radios, cassette players, battery rechargers, and contact lens sterilizers. A set of replacement fuses are also included just in case too much power is drawn during use. It is a very good quality converter for the price. The converter has a European style socket to allow you to connect your appliances.
The VT 100 UK Converter is a step-up voltage converter with a UK style socket. It has a 100 watt power output. There is an On/Off switch built in to the unit. It converts 110/120 volts to 220/240 volts output for your appliance. This converter also has a grounded power cord for extra safety. Its size and weight make it easy to carry. It has a heavy duty casing to protect it from damage during travel. It is fuse protected and has a weight of 2 lbs. The dimensions are 5" x 3" x 3". It does what it is supposed to do very well

Goldsource ST1000

For more and larger appliances you need a bigger beast to do your voltage converting. Most of the larger more serious converters do step up and step down. This means that they are also ideal for using USA appliances in foreign countries such as Europe and the UK where the voltage is higher.
The Goldsource ST1000 is a good example of a step up and step down converter. It has a huge 1000 Watt power output which makes it suitable for using larger or more appliances. There are two outlets for output and a power switch on the front of the unit. With a weight of 15lb this converter is both sturdy and reliable. It has been used on a humidifier, a blender, Vonage phone, laptop and shaver all at once with no problems. This converter produces no noise and is highly recommended
For even greater power requirements you should look at the Litefuze VT 2000. It is a 2000 Watt heavy duty voltage converter made for continuous use. There is an On/Off power switch and LED indicator for the power input. It has dual voltage Step Up or step down functions. The inpu tis 110V/120V or 220V/230V/240V and then the output is 110V/120V or 220V/230V/240V. The Input Selection is on the rear of the converter. There are four outlets for output on the front. 1 socket is a universal outlet (220v), 1 socket is a German Shucko outlet (220v) , 2 sockets are USA. It is grounded and Fuse protected. It has a weight of 29lb. A very versatile unit that is highly recommended.

Litefuze VT 2000

There are a lot more 110V to 220V converters to choose from with various extra features. To see many more examples go to Converters and Inverters.
In order to descide on the best converter to use you should make sure that you understand about Voltage and Power useage of appliances. You may need some power calculations if the power isn't given on the device. The World Electric Guide has details of all voltages and frequencies that you will find around the world in different countries. Like wise you can find out about the types of world plugs and sockets. Understanding and using inverters has a lot more information on the electronics used in converter technology




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